Patrícia Mattei

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Nutrient sensing in the gut is believed to be accomplished through activation of GPCRs expressed on enteroendocrine cells. In particular, L-cells located predominantly in distal regions of the gut secrete glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) and peptide tyrosine-tyrosine (PYY) upon stimulation by nutrients and bile acids (BA). The study(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of growth hormone receptor (GHR) AluI, insulin-like growth factor type 1 (IGF-I) SnaBI, and signal transducer and activator 5A (STAT5A) BstEII polymorphisms in the reproductive performance of Holstein dairy cows and the frequency of this genotypes in cows managed in different systems. This work studied 381(More)
Our study evaluated how the consumption of diets with low (LOW group – 0.4/1) or high (CON group – 13.6/1) omega-6/omega-3 ratio across generations (F1 and F2) can modulate liver fatty acid (FA) profile and blood biomarkers. Liver content of α-linolenic acid was higher in animals always fed with LOW diet than animals that changed from CON to LOW diet, which(More)
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