Patrícia Machado Ribeiro Fernandes

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Microbial resistance to antibiotics is one of the biggest public health threats of the modern world. Antibiotic resistance is an area of much clinical relevance and therefore research that has the potential to identify agents that may circumvent it or treat resistant infections is paramount. Solution behavior of various fluoroquinolone (FQ) complexes with(More)
Complications from immobility in intensive care unit patients contribute to functional decline, increased healthcare costs, reduced quality of life and higher post-discharge mortality. Physical therapy focuses on promoting recovery and preserving function, and it may minimize the impact of these complications. A group of Brazilian Association of Intensive(More)
Background: Migration and invasion are hallmarks of cancer cells that allow their dissemination to other tissues. Studying the cellular and molecular basis of cancer cell migration can help us to understand and control cancer metastasis. Many membrane molecules have been described as being involved in tumor cell migration, and among them is cholesterol.(More)
Solution behavior of lomefloxacin (lmx) complexes with copper(II) in the presence and absence of 1,10-phenanthroline (phen) was studied in aqueous solution, by potentiometry. The results obtained showed that under physiological conditions (micromolar concentration range and pH7.4) only copper(II):lmx:phen ternary complexes are stable. Hence, a novel(More)
Plant phenological events are some of the most sensitive indicators of how plant species respond to favourable or stressful conditions. The evaluation of the flowering phenology of invasive plant species is particularly relevant, mainly due to its crucial importance in determining plant reproductive success and the outcome of invasion. We studied the(More)
Epilepsy has important consequences on functionality and social activities. There are few evaluation tools for this purpose. This study aimed to translate the Social and Occupational Functioning Scale for Epilepsy. It is a translation study, for which Beaton et al's. guidelines were used. Sixty patients over 18 years of age, with a confirmed diagnosis of(More)
Eucalyptus globulus has great economic importance in the Iberian Peninsula and is now the most widespread tree species on the Portuguese mainland. We aimed to evaluate the establishment capacity of E. globulus from plantations into natural habitats and to understand its association with the climate, plantation characteristics and host site characteristics.(More)
This study tested a jaw support device for patients receiving dental care while suffering from temporomandibular joint pain. This crossover randomized trial used 31 subjects with jaw pain. Subjects underwent 2 consecutive dental scaling sessions of 30 minutes each. For each subject, the device was used for 1 of the sessions. Subjects completed(More)
The natural expansion of forestry trees into habitats outside plantations is a concern for managers and conservationists. We studied seedling emergence and survival of the two main forestry species in Portugal: Eucalyptus globulus (exotic) and Pinus pinaster (native); using a seed addition experiment. Our main objective was to evaluate the combined effects(More)