Patrícia Franco Marques

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Acalvaria is a rare congenital malformation of unknown pathogenesis characterized by the absence of the flat bones of the cranial vault, dura mater and associated muscles, while the central nervous system is usually preserved. The most accepted physiopathogenic theory suggests the presence of a postneurulation defect with normal placement the embryonic(More)
BACKGROUND Preterm infants in neonatal intensive care units frequently receive red blood cells (RBC) transfusions due to the anemia of prematurity. A number of variables related to gestational age, severity of illness and transfusion practices adopted in the neonatal unit where the neonate was born may contribute to the prescription of RBC transfusions.(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify whether the use of the T-piece resuscitator compared with the self-inflating bag in preterm infants ventilated at birth modifies survival to hospital discharge without major morbidities. DESIGN Pragmatic prospective cohort study. SETTING 20 Brazilian university hospitals of Brazilian Network on Neonatal Research. Patients were 1962(More)
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