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Symptoms resembling giant calyx, a graft-transmissible disease, were observed on 1-5 % of eggplant (aubergine; Solanum melongena L.) plants in production fields in Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Phytoplasmas were detected in 12 of 12 samples from symptomatic plants that were analysed by a nested PCR assay employing 16S rRNA gene primers R16mF2/R16mR1 followed by(More)
Recently, disease in broccoli plants (Brassica oleracea var. italica) was associated with three distinct phytoplasmas in Brazil. The disease named broccoli stunt (BS) has caused significant economic losses in São Paulo State. Group 16SrIII phytoplasmas is the most common group that have been associated with BS. The BS disease is still poorly understood, and(More)
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