Patrícia Campos Bernardes

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The interaction between the surface of stainless steel and Bacillus cereus was studied in terms of the characteristics of interfacial interaction determined from the measurement of the contact angle(More)
Recebido para publicação em 14/8/2007 Aceito para publicação em 8/5/2008 (002767) 1 Grupo de Pesquisa Higiene na Indústria de Alimentos, Departamento de Tecnologia de Alimentos, Laboratório de(More)
New sanitization methods have been evaluated to improve food safety and food quality and to replace chlorine compounds. However, these new methods can lead to physicochemical and sensory changes in(More)
The adhesion of the solids presents in food can difficult the process of surface cleaning and promotes the bacterial adhesion process and can trigger health problems. In our study, we used UHT whole(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of ultrasound treatment combined with organic acids in the decontamination step for green peppers and melons. The influence of the surface(More)