Patrícia Calábria

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Microsporidia are considered to be a cause of emerging and opportunistic infections in humans, and the species that infect humans can also infect a wide range of animals, raising concerns for zoonotic transmission. To understand the role of birds in the transmission of diseases caused by microsporidia, we examined 196 fecal specimens from birds, including(More)
This study emphasizes the importance of free-living coatis as a potential source of microsporidian infection for humans living in large cities. We found 19 (31.7%) positive results among 60 fecal samples analyzed by PCR-based analysis and the Gram-Chromotrope staining technique (11.7% were positive for Encephalitozoon cuniculi, 6.7% for E. intestinalis,(More)
Carvedilol is a cardiovascular drug of multifaceted therapeutic potential, with beta-blocker and vasodilatative activity. These actions confer to the above mentioned betablocker some beneficial properties on several processes involving cardiovascular system. Carvedilol provides haemodynamic, antiischemic, antiproliferative and antiarrhytmic benefits, for(More)
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