Patrícia Amâncio Vargas

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BACKGROUND The inter-individual variability of behavioral effects after tDCS applied to the unaffected right hemisphere in stroke may be related to factors such as the lesion location. OBJECTIVE/HYPOTHESIS We investigated the effect of left Broca's area (BA) damage on picture naming in aphasic patients after cathodal tDCS applied over the right BA. (More)
The design of autonomous navigation systems for mobile robots, with simultaneous objectives to he satisfied such as garbage collection with integrity maintenance, requires refined coordination mechanisms to deal with modules of elementary behaviour. This paper shows the implementation on a real Khepera I1 robot of an immuno-genetic network for autonomous(More)
BACKGROUND Motor outcome after stroke is associated with reorganisation of cortical networks and corticospinal tract (CST) integrity. However, the relationships between motor severity, CST damage, and functional brain connectivity are not well understood. Here, the main objective was to study the effect of CST damage on the relationship between functional(More)
PURPOSE To compare two techniques to assess corticospinal tract (CST) damage in stroke patients: tract-specific analysis by probabilistic tractography and segmentation using a CST template. MATERIALS AND METHODS We extracted fractional anisotropy (FA) values, the FA ratio, and mean diffusivity (MD) in 18 stroke patients and 21 healthy volunteers matched(More)
This paper presents an artificial homeostatic system (AHS) devoted to the autonomous navigation of mobile robots, with emphasis on neuro-endocrine interactions. The AHS is composed of two modules, each one associated with a particular reactive task and both implemented using an extended version of the GasNet neural model, denoted spatially unconstrained(More)
The application of pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural areas is of prime importance for crop yields. The use of aircrafts is becoming increasingly common in carrying out this task mainly because of its speed and effectiveness in the spraying operation. However, some factors may reduce the yield, or even cause damage (e.g. crop areas not covered in(More)
BACKGROUND The contribution of lesion size and location in poststroke aphasia is debated, especially the extent to which aphasia severity is affected by damage to specific white matter areas. OBJECTIVE To identify specific white matter areas critical for poststroke aphasia global severity and to determine whether injury to these areas had more impact on(More)
A long-term human robot interaction (HRI), which involves data storage of personal information, naturally raises ethical issues as a primary concern. This paper is an attempt to rise to this challenge by speculating how to best build and control a “roboethical” memory for a robot companion. We believe that memory is an essential feature in the design of a(More)
There are few contributions to robot autonomous navigation applying Learning Classifier Systems (LCS) to date. The primary objective of this work is to analyse the performance of the strength-based LCS and the accuracy-based LCS, named EXtended Learning Classifier System (XCS), when applied to two distinct robotic tasks. The first task is purely reactive,(More)