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This paper aims to present Sim Investigator, an educational game based on constructionism, for students in elementary and secondary education. In the game the student will be an investigator in a fictional world and he will can acquire the knowledge by constructing stories in the context of a curriculum proposed by a teacher or by resolution of a story(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that muscle mechanoreflex and metaboreflex controls are altered in heart failure (HF), which seems to be due to changes in cyclooxygenase (COX) pathway and changes in receptors on afferent neurons, including transient receptor potential vanilloid type-1 (TRPV1) and cannabinoid receptor type-1 (CB1). The purpose of the(More)
This work presents the development of a Markov-based model for availability analysis of telecommunication management systems. The model was applied to analyze the Integrated System of Supervision (SIS), allowing to define the availability of parts of the system, to identify hardware and software components responsible for decreasing the availability of the(More)
The microscopic description of the teeth of pacas (Agouti paca) bred in captivity was developed for providing biological data on one of the largest American wild rodents, as not many references exist in the literature about this species. Two newborn males, two adult males (9 and 72 months old), one newborn female and two adult females (30 and 54 months old)(More)
Two newborn males, two adult males 9 and 72 months old, one newborn female and two adult females of 30 and 54 months old pacas were used. Animals were radiographed on lateral recumbency, teeth were extracted and the vestibulolingual and mesiodistal lengths were achieved at the occlusal surface, besides the longitudinal length. The lower incisors presented(More)
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