Patlolla Raghavender Reddy

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Figure 2. Velocity depth section of Beliator–Burdwan profile. contain thick columns of recent river deposits and the deposits in and around Burdwan are saturated with shallow groundwater. A relook into the velocity– depth section in light of some specific indications in the record sections of SPs 5, 6, 7 and 8 suggests probable presence of hidden faults (F(More)
It was recently demonstrated that the lone star tick Amblyomma americanum could harbor filarial nematodes within the genus Acanthocheilonema. In this study, Ixodes scapularis (deer) ticks collected from Southern Connecticut were evaluated for their potential to harbor filarial nematodes. Non-engorged nymphal and adult stage Ixodes scapularis ticks were(More)
The effect of various hormones on the levels of poly(A) polymerase in the ventral prostate of castrated rats was investigated. It was observed that this enzyme is specifically induced by androgens; progesterone and estradiol-17 beta did not cause stimulation of poly(A) polymerase activity. Dihydrotestosterone-induced poly(A) polymerase was inhibited by(More)
Injection of estradiol to ovariectomised rats caused significant increase in the activity of glucosamine 6-phosphate synthase of uterus. Progesterone did not cause any increase in the activity of the enzyme; however, it antagonised the effect of estradiol. It was observed that the enzyme is predominantly localised in the endometrium of uterus.
The prostate glands of rats, mice, guinea pigs and hamsters were found to be a rich source of enzymes catalyzing the Mn2+-dependent transfer of galactose from UDP-galactose to glycoprotein acceptors such as ovomucoid and ovalbumin. The ventral prostate was also very active in promoting transfer of fucose from GDP-fucose to ovomucoid. The prostatic enzymes(More)
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