Patinya Ketthong

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This paper presents a chaos-based deterministic node mobility model for mobile Ad Hoc wireless networks. Unlike other conventional entity or group mobility models that realize probability distributions in stochastic processes, this paper alternatively realizes a deterministic process for randomness generations in mobility movement patterns. The newly(More)
This paper presents a cost-effective random-bit generator through a newly proposed inverted signum-based piecewise-linear chaotic map, which provides not only robust chaos against parameter changes but also symmetric bifurcation for zero-thresholding for digital random-bit generation. Chaos dynamics are described in terms of equilibria and Jacobian(More)
A simple current-reversible chaotic jerk circuit is proposed and particularly demonstrates the use of inherently tanh(x) nonlinearity of a single opamp for a chaotic jerk circuit. No additionally nonlinear devices are required. Bifurcation is electronically tunable through a current source in a reversible direction. The largest Lyapunov exponent of either(More)
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