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A MAP kinase activity assay was developed to determine whether the LHRH receptor could activate this enzyme (particularly during LHRH priming). In anterior pituitary tissue from prooestrous rats LHRH caused concentration-dependent activation of MAP kinase after 5-10 min and continued for up to 60 min of incubation. The magnitude of this response correlated(More)
The LHRH receptor in alpha T3-1 gonadotrope cells was shown to bring about a marked and sustained activation of MAP kinase. This response was prevented by protein kinase C inhibition or down-regulation and could be partially mimicked by phorbol ester. Additional evidence for inhibition of this response by pertussis toxin and partial mimicry by mastoparan(More)
The goal of most information retrieval (IR) systems is to retrieve documents that a user might find relevant to his or her information need. In contrast, the goal of most information extraction (IE) or text mining (TM) systems is to process document text to provide the user with one or more " answers " to a question or information need. We propose that what(More)
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