Patcharee Basu

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SOI Asia project aims at Asia-wide distance education development with its design emphasizing on new model of network technologies that provides wide-coverage high-quality network to support high-quality distance education instead of relying on the available Internet connectivity with inadequate quality. A 13-Mbps unidirectional broadcast satellite covers(More)
This paper studies the innovative methodology for developing IT education from the traditional face-to-face model to full capability of distance learning by combining a remote computer laboratory and a distance e-learning environment. There are three approaches presented with different implementations of laboratory technologies and learning models. The(More)
E-learning has made possible to conduct trainings online. However, region-wide trainings that require hands-on practice still need lecturers and participants at the same location. This requires huge resources on travel budget, time, equipments and staff. This paper proposes a region-wide distributed model of realtime hands-on workshop using distance(More)
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