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The current context of organisational change and new working patterns, together with the high cost of medical training, mean it is of vital importance that the NHS retains its trained workforce. The GP retainer scheme supports doctors who for reasons of personal circumstance are restricted in their ability to compete for employment in medicine, and aims to(More)
PURPOSE This paper explores students' perceptions of blended learning modules delivered in a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) health care context in the UK. 'Blended learning' is the term used to describe a hybrid model of learning where traditional face-to-face teaching approaches and newer electronic learning activities and resources are utilised(More)
European Union (EU) regulations require that university programmes are of specified duration. Additional EU regulations apply specifically to university based nurse education, enacted in the UK by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). However, little is known about how much time student nurses spend on their studies. In this exploratory study, students(More)
This article discusses the findings from a pilot study using short message service (SMS) texting to provide an additional means of support for health care students in practice placements. Pre-registration students were recruited students from 2nd year cohorts in Adult Nursing, Children's Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Radiography to pilot the use of SMS(More)
This article describes an innovative initiative to support partnership working between trade unions and management in three National Health Service Trusts, by means of shared participation in a series of learning and development days. Although there is existing evidence, within the literature on partnership, of the benefits of partnership working for(More)
BACKGROUND In 1991 the American Board of Family Practice (ABFP) approved 12 programs to participate in an experiment in medical education. Selected students in 12 medical schools are able to complete their first year of family practice residency while completing their fourth year of school. This paper reports on the progress of the programs and residents(More)
Several factors need to be considered when comparing computerized tomography (CT) maintenance contracts. Five areas in particular require careful review to ensure that an institution is getting maximum value for its contract dollars: the credibility of the servicing company; the servicing engineer's qualifications and commitments; a thorough understanding(More)