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In this paper we report on an ongoing interdisciplinary investigation into the capabilities of colour 3D printing technologies, and present examples of the application of these technologies within art and design practice. The paper demonstrates that a quantitative investigation into colour reproduction in 3D printing can inform real-life design practice.(More)
We have generated a number of  compound data sets and programs for different types of applications in pharmaceutical research. These data sets and programs were originally designed for our research projects and are made publicly available. Without consulting original literature sources, it is difficult to understand specific features of data sets and(More)
  • P M Walters
  • 1993
The hand dressing is a vital part of postoperative care and treatment of hand injuries. Changing a hand dressing can be a frustrating and traumatic experience for the patient and the person changing the dressing. By applying the basic principles and following the steps found in this article, changing a hand dressing becomes a simple procedure that(More)
The primary conclusions from the initial QARCC-1 experiment were: • QARCC-1 can help users, developers, customers, and other stakeholders to identify conflicts among their software quality requirements, and to identify additional potentially important quality requirements. In the experiment, QARCC-1 found both of the quality conflicts previously identified,(More)
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