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We present the first end-to-end solution to create high-quality free-viewpoint video encoded as a compact data stream. Our system records performances using a dense set of RGB and IR video cameras, generates dynamic textured surfaces, and compresses these to a streamable 3D video format. Four technical advances contribute to high fidelity and robustness:(More)
The iterative soft output Viterbi algorithm (SOVA) is a sub-optimum algorithm when it is used to decode turbo codes. By normalizing its extrinsic information we get a performance improvement compared to the standard SOVA. In particular, if the extrinsic information is increased in the last decoding iteration, an additional coding gain improvement is(More)
We propose a modified hyperbolic tangent (tanh) function that is used in the sum-product algorithm (SPA). This is done in order to approximate the infinite argument of the tanh function, when decoding low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes. As shown by computer simulation results, the proposed modification has a significant impact on the error floor(More)
It is often useful to provide information related to a video bitstream that is unsupported by the official standard. This paper describes a method by which data can be inserted in an MPEG-4 bitstream [1], while still retaining compatibility with standard MPEG-4 decoders. Its effectiveness is demonstrated by results from insertion of CRC codes.
Because of the underdeveloped market for used computers, a large number of functional systems are going to waste. A significant barrier to the development of a market is the inability to communicate the worth of a computer. In order to overcome this barrier, a system for determining the value through monitoring of the conditions under which it is used is(More)
In this supplemental material, we describe our default, tower-based camera configuration for the capture stage. We analyze the local configuration of a single tower and visualize the combined camera frustum. We also describe our camera calibration process and show larger prints for the experiments on different camera configurations. 1 Stage Configuration(More)
The introduction of third-generation wireless networks should result in real-time mobile video communications becoming a reality. Delivery of such video is likely to be facilitated by the realtime transport protocol (RTP). Careful packetisation of the video data is necessary to ensure the optimal trade-off between channel utilisation and error robustness.(More)
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