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Cibaric acid (1) and 10-hydroxy-8-decenoic acid (2) are two fatty acid derivatives that are formed in the fruit bodies of Cantharellus cibarius (chanterelle) and C. tubaeformis as a response to injury. Unlike the potent defensive sesquiterpenes formed in injured fruit bodies of the pungent Lactarius species, compounds 1 and 2 only possess very weak(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To examine the level of cancer fatalism and other sociocognitive behavioral determinants in Mexican American women categorized as regular mammography screeners and infrequent mammography screeners. DESIGN Cross-sectional, descriptive. SETTING A southwestern American city on the U. S.-Mexico border. SAMPLE 68 Mexican American women(More)
OBJECTIVE We assessed the short-term effects of a community-based intervention for Hispanic men to encourage informed decision making (IDM) about prostate cancer screening with prostate specific antigen (PSA). METHODS All senior social and housing centers in El Paso, TX were randomized to intervention, a group-based Spanish language educational program(More)
Professional guidelines suggest that men should learn about risks and benefits of screening to make informed decisions consistent with their preferences. We used concept mapping to investigate views of informed decision making (IDM) of minority men. Statements about what men need for IDM about prostate cancer screening were sorted by similarity and rated(More)
The mutagenic activity of 11 sesquiterpenoid unsaturated dialdehydes in the V79/HGPRT assay has been determined, and is compared with previously published data on the mutagenicity of the same compounds towards Ames Salmonella strains. One compound, isovelleral, is a potent mutagen in both assays, while six compounds, which are positive in the Ames(More)
The autoxidation of the two mutagenic and antimicrobial sesquiterpenes merulidial (1a) and isovelleral (5) generates a number of bioactive products that are suggested to be partly responsible for the mutagenic and antimicrobial activities of the two compounds. The biological activities of the autoxidation products are, as far as has been possible to assay,(More)
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