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PURPOSE To produce definitions based on serial CA 125 levels to measure response of ovarian carcinoma in patients receiving first-line chemotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Definitions were derived from analysis of 277 patients in North Thames Ovary Trial 3. Patient data were then incorporated into a computer program and tested against 254 patients in North(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether precise definitions of response based on serial CA-125 levels can predict the activity of drugs in phase II trials for ovarian cancer as accurately as standard criteria. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fourteen different drugs for relapsed ovarian cancer were analyzed in 25 treatment groups in 19 clinical trials. Response rates were(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop and standardize a technique for measuring nasal nitric oxide (NO) output in children and to determine normal values in this population. STUDY DESIGN Prospective study evaluating a new technique for measuring nasal nitric oxide in a cohort of normal patients and a cohort of patients with nasal disease. METHODS Nasal NO was measured(More)
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