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Nonparenchymal cells, particularly Kupffer cells, might play an important role in the modulation of xenobiotic metabolism in liver and its pharmacological and toxicological consequences. This intercellular communication via the exchange of soluble factors was investigated in primary rat Kupffer cells and hepatocytes. Freshly isolated rat Kupffer cells were(More)
Various substituted aniline derivatives were tested for genotoxicity in several short-term tests in order to examine the hypothesis that a substitution at both ortho positions (2,6-disubstitution) could prevent genotoxicity due to steric hindrance of an enzymatic activation to electrophilic intermediates. In the Salmonella/microsome assay,(More)
This article discusses the design issues involved in delivering web-based learning materials. An existing application in the medical domain – JointZone is used to illustrate how personalization and an interactive environment can be incorporated into web-based learning. This work applies the combination of an adaptive hypermedia, situated learning approach,(More)
Sodium sorbate, potassium sorbate and an oxidation product of sodium sorbate, 4,5-epoxy-2-hexenoic acid, were tested for their genotoxic potential in cultured V79 Chinese hamster cells and in somatic cells of Drosophila melanogaster (wing spot test, SMART). In Drosophila only the epoxide showed a weak genotoxic effect. In V79 cells, freshly prepared sodium(More)
Primary hepatocytes were cultured at oxygen tensions similar to those reported to be present in periportal (13% O2) and pericentral (4% O2) regions of the liver lobules. Cellular DNA and protein content of individual hepatocytes were determined simultaneously by two-parameter (DNA/protein) flow cytometry after 1, 4, and 7 days in culture. pO2 tensions(More)
The role of oxygen tension, insulin, and glucagon on the preservation and induction of cytochrome P450 isoenzyme activities and contents was investigated in rat hepatocytes cultured for 4 days on crude liver membrane fractions at 4 or 13% O2. At 13% O2, three out of six immunochemically analyzed P450 isoenzymes were significantly higher than in 4% O2.(More)
It has always been difficult to determine to what extent a user has read a page especially in the area of educational adaptive hypermedia systems. We propose the use of an individual’s effective reading speed to estimate how much of a page a user has read during their browsing activity. This method is currently used to apply history-based link annotation in(More)
The release of stable neurotoxic metabolites from liver after metabolic activation of xenobiotics can be investigated in cultures of primary rat hepatocytes as metabolic activation system and embryonic chicken brain cell cultures as target. It was shown that adult rat hepatocyte cell cultures are a reliable bioactivating system for xenobiotics such as(More)
Cultured, freshly-isolated rat fibroblasts were exposed in vitro to vincristine sulphate (VC), amethopterin (AM), bleomycin (BL), benomyl (BE) and practolol (PR). Cells treated for 5 h were subjected 24 h later to a two-parameter (DNA/protein) flow cytometry analysis. The fluorochromes used were sulphorhodamin 101 and DAPI. From DNA and protein histograms,(More)