Pat L Redinius

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OBJECTIVE To investigate health professional student attitudes toward people with disability. It was hypothesized that attitude and comfort would differ by discipline. Further, it was hypothesized that factors such as gender and background in disability would influence these attitudes and their ease in dealing with difficult encounters in rehabilitation. (More)
The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) for student assessment is well established, with an extensive body of research documenting that this is a valid means to assess clinical skills that are fundamental to the practice of medicine. The OSCE consists of a circuit of stations which tests a range of skills and learning to assess undergraduate(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate first-year medical students' attitudes toward persons with disability and to examine whether gender and a background in disability determine attitudes toward persons with disability. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey. SETTING University settings in the United States and Canada. PARTICIPANTS Ninety first-year medical students(More)
Paraprofessionals' awareness of possible ethical violations related to supporting consumers with mental retardation was evaluated. Eighty-one paraprofessionals from residential programs for adults with mental retardation responded to 10 vignettes describing hypothetical ethical violations. Results suggest that paraprofessionals recognized and recommended(More)
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