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This paper analyzes the quantitative role of idiosyncratic uncertainty in an economy in which rational agents vote on hypothetical social security reforms. We find that the role of a pay-as-you-go social security system as a partial insurance and redistribution device significantly reduces political support for a transition to an economy with a fully funded(More)
We study the effect of releasing public information about productivity or monetary shocks (for example, as a consequence of publishing an economic aggregate) using a micro-founded macroeconomic model where agents learn from the distribution of nominal prices. While a public release has the direct beneficial effect of providing new information, it can also(More)
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We present a joint study of the U.S. structural transformation (the decline of agriculture as the dominating sector) and regional convergence (of southern to northern average wages). We find empirically that most of the regional convergence is attributable to the structural transformation: the nationwide convergence of agricultural wages to nonagricultural(More)
That stress enhances the behavioral effects of cocaine is well-documented in adult rats, but whether early life stress endures into adulthood to affect responsivity to cocaine is less clear. We now report that neonatal isolation stress (1 h per day isolation on postnatal days 2-9) enhances acquisition of cocaine self-administration in adult rats. This(More)
We performed a two-stage genome screen to search for novel risk factors for late-onset Alzheimer disease (AD). The first stage involved genotyping 292 affected sibling pairs using 237 markers spaced at approximately 20 cM intervals throughout the genome. In the second stage, we genotyped 451 affected sibling pairs (ASPs) with an additional 91 markers, in(More)
Sonographic analysis of isolation-induced calls of 10- to 17-day-old Sprague-Dawley rat pups showed that average acoustic parameters of calls changed with pups' age. Average call duration increased with age from 80 ms to over 140 ms in 15-day-old pups. The peak frequency increased from approximately 50 kHz to an average of 64 kHz in 17-day-old pups, and the(More)
jkennan@macc.wisc.edu. This paper grew out of a joint research project with Robert Wilson, to whom I am grateful for many stimulating discussions. I also thank Larry Ausubel, Andreas Blume, V. V. Chari, Ray Deneckere, Pat Kehoe, Rody Manuelli, Larry Samuelson and seminar participants at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, the NBER Summer Institute, the(More)
Rat pups were isolated from the mother and nest for 1 hr per day from Postnatal Day (PN) 2 to 9 At PN 27, rats were tested for behavioral responsiveness to 2.0 or 7.5 mg/kg amphetamine. Only isolated rats receiving the 7.5 mg/kg dose displayed increased activity scores, compared with nonisolated and nonhandled controls. Their increased activity is(More)
The ontogeny of noradrenergic effects and the interaction of opioid and noradrenergic systems on vocalizations in rat pups from Day 10 to Day 18 were evaluated. Day 10 pups given clonidine (0.05 or 0.5 mg/kg) ip showed a sustained high level of calling throughout a 25-min isolation period that was reversed with yohimbine (0.1 mg/kg). Day 15 pups showed(More)