Pat J. Fitzpatrick

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Muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs constitute the receptor foundation to the "muscle sense." Muscle sensitivity has long been assumed relevant to the non-visual perception of the positions and motions of the body's segments and of the properties of hand-held objects. Dynamic touch is the label given to the particular kind of tactile exteroperception(More)
Subjects wielded occluded rods, with or without attached masses, and reported the distances reachable with their distal tips. Experiments 1-3 compared wielding about the wrist, the elbow, and the shoulder. Experiments 4 and 5 compared free wielding, using the whole arm, with wielding only about the wrist. The two comparisons, respectively, were of spatial(More)
Knowing about the properties of objects by wielding them and knowing about the distances of surfaces by striking them with objects as probes are examples of dynamic or effortful touch. Six experiments focused on the invariant mechanical parameters that couple the time-varying states (displacements, velocities) of hand-held rods to the time-varying torques(More)
S. J. Lederman, S. R. Ganeshan, and R. E. Ellis (1996) reported an experiment demonstrating that for occluded rods of equal mass and length but different diameters length perception by static holding was larger for rods of smaller diameter. They concluded that participants inferred length from illusory weight percepts. However, rods of equal mass and length(More)
OBJECTIVE Three-dimensional (3D) image reconstruction methods allied to spiral CT (SCT) or MR angiography (MRA) are used in clarifying the anatomy of complex aortic anatomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two patients with superior mediastinal masses suggestive of aneurysms of the anomalous right subclavian artery were examined. Both patients were examined using(More)
Our commentary on this special issue devoted to Developmental Biodynamics: Brain, Body, and Behavior Connections is divided into 3 main sections. The first section is an overview of the individual contributions. 5 major themes are identified: (1) inappropriateness of computational treatments of development and the need for more biologically and physically(More)
Four experiments addressed the relevance of the eigenvalues Ik of the inertia tensor for perceiving length by dynamic touch. Experiments 1-2 focused on the consequences of limiting variation in the minimum eigenvalue I3. Both revealed that perceived length is a function of Ik. Whether the contribution of I3 is detected, however, depends on the range of(More)
There is an assumption that radioactive plaques placed at surgery are, and will remain, in proper relationship to the base of the tumor. The plaque dose is calculated based on this assumption. In fact, factors such as loose sutures, improper diameter estimations, pressure from adjacent rectus muscles, and intervening tissue (oblique muscles) can compromise(More)
The past decade has witnessed the proliferation of mature modeling packages as well as rapidly evolving computer technology which is making high-resolution modeling possible. In addition, the Internet phenomenon with constantly increasing network speed has driven technology revolutions, one of which is the development of web portals with easy user(More)
The dosimetry of small permanent gold grain implants for treating choroidal melanoma has been studied. A means of planning the source configuration required to deliver a desired minimum dose to a tumour has been developed. The interaction of the variable parameters, source activity, number of sources used, geometrical arrangement, and implant diameter,(More)