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philosophical or epistemological problem, certainly not an electronic or computational problem. What is the frame problem? In this essay I thought I was providing interested bystanders with a useful introduction to the problem, as well as an account of its philosophical interest, but some people in AI , including McCarthy and Hayes (who ought to know),(More)
We have previously shown that linkage disequilibrium (LD) in the elite cultivated barley (Hordeum vulgare) gene pool extends, on average, for <1-5 cM. Based on this information, we have developed a platform for whole genome association studies that comprises a collection of elite lines that we have characterized at 3060 genome-wide single nucleotide(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence and causes of visual impairment, and the proportion of treatable eye conditions, among nursing home residents. DESIGN AND SETTING The Blue Mountains Eye Study is a population-based survey of vision and common eye diseases in people aged 50 or older in two postcode areas west of Sydney. Nursing home examinations were(More)
Concept Maps are seen as ways to conceptualize domains that can be comprehended within the human attention span, and are often based on terminologies arising in technical, scientific or engineering domains. We report on a set of related projects that go beyond this tradition in two ways: by connecting CmapTools to the new, machine-processable standard(More)
Resolving conceptual conflicts between formalized ontologies is likely to become a major engineering problem as ontologies move into widespread use on the semantic web. We believe that in the immediate and medium-term future, conflict resolution will require the use of human collaboration, and cannot be achieved by automated methods except in simple cases.(More)
The meaningful integration and comprehension of data from many different sources poses a difficult challenge for the Intelligence Community. Establishing the underlying semantics of that data and developing semantics for new or specialized scenarios is a key part of the solution to that challenge. The emerging Semantic Web technologies address this(More)
The Mars Observer Laser Altimeter, developed for flight on the Mars Observer spacecraft payload in September 1992, is designed to measure the topography of the Martian surface over a 2-year period from a 400-km mapping orbit. A 40 mJ pulse diode-pumped laser together with a 0.5-m-diameter beryllium telescope and a silicon avalanche photodiode are the(More)
As part of a larger project, one of our goals is to enable users, not trained in AI, to be able to pose questions to an inference-capable knowledge base (KB), and receive acceptable answers. In particular, we wish the system to support answering a wide variety of questions, including longer questions which may include scenario descriptions, without(More)