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We evaluated the prognostic value of tumor angiogenesis in node negative breast cancer (NNBC). Paraffin-embedded tissues from 87 patients with NNBC were immunostained for factor VIII-related antigen, using one tissue block representative of the invasive edge of the tumor. Sections were scanned at low power to identify "hotspots" of angiogenesis. Microvessel(More)
Evidence is accumulating implicating a role for integrins in the pathogenesis of cancer, a disease in which alterations in cellular growth, differentiation, and adhesive characteristics are defining features. In the present report we studied a panel of 8 human astrocytoma cell lines for their expression of integrin subunits by RT-PCR, and of integrin(More)
The human PEG1 gene is a newly identified imprinted gene on 7q32. Genetic aberrations of this chromosomal region are often detected in invasive breast carcinomas. In this study, we show monoallelic PEG1 expression in normal breast tissue, indicating the presence of a functional imprint, and more importantly, we demonstrate loss of imprinting (LOI) in all of(More)
Btk is a member of the Tec family of protein tyrosine kinases expressed in B cells. It is stimulated following cross-linking of the B cell receptor which leads to the autophosphorylation of a specific residue in the SH3 domain, Y223. Previous work using Btk-derived fusion proteins has shown that the Btk SH3 domain binds to c-Cbl and Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome(More)
Given the plethora of frameworks and models available in this area, not all could be evaluated here. This paper takes seven popular frameworks and examines aspects of IT evaluation with particular emphasis on Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The frameworks were selected from the most well known of IT evaluation research Most of the frameworks were(More)
Adenoviruses of subgenus F (types 40 and 41) cause infantile gastroenteritis and adenoviruses principally of types 1-7 are found in feces during respiratory or generalized infections. Adenoviruses (mostly types 3, 4, 8, 19, or 37) are also linked with follicular or epidemic conjunctivitis. The diagnostic efficiency of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for(More)
A conceptual model for Information Communication Technology (ICT) adoption by Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is proposed. The research uses several ICT adoption models as its basis with theoretical underpinning provided by the Diffusion of Innovation theory and the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). Taking an exploratory research approach the model was(More)
  • Kennedy John Adakole, Pat Costello, Kennedy Adakole John
  • 2017
The reciprocal action or influence between IT systems, people, processes and government can be of great value to organisations. IT systems have helped evolve new dimensions of governance, procurement, health, commerce and this has made people/organisations more functional and efficient in a rapid manner. The cost of adoption and implementation in governance(More)
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