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Entrusted with the records for more than 1.5 million patients, the Regenstrief Medical Record System (RMRS) has evolved into a fast and comprehensive data repository used extensively at three hospitals on the Indiana University Medical Center campus and more than 30 Indianapolis clinics. The RMRS routinely captures laboratory results, narrative reports,(More)
BACKGROUND Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) are important human pathogens, yet little is known about disease prevalence in the United States. Reports suggest prevalence has increased, particularly in women, but population-based data to substantiate this are lacking. We sought to estimate NTM disease prevalence in Oregon, and describe disease by site,(More)
IMPORTANCE Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) are increasingly reported worldwide as a cause of infections with high-mortality rates. Assessment of the US epidemiology of CRE is needed to inform national prevention efforts. OBJECTIVE To determine the population-based CRE incidence and describe the characteristics and resistance mechanism(More)
To determine whether tuberculosis (TB) and nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) infection patients could be distinguished from one another with limited information, we compared pulmonary TB and NTM patients during 2005-2006. Our finding that age, birthplace, and presence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease could differentiate TB and NTM disease could(More)
We looked for non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) in the sputum of patients diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in Oregon in 2005-2006 (n = 141). Twenty (14%) patients had NTM isolated from sputum during TB treatment. Compared to those without NTM, TB patients with NTM were more likely to have cavitary disease (RR 2.7, 95%CI 1.2-6.0) and were more(More)
Community-specific antimicrobial susceptibility data may help monitor trends among drug-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae and guide empiric therapy. Because active, population-based surveillance for invasive pneumococcal disease is accurate but resource intensive, we compared the proportion of penicillin-nonsusceptible isolates obtained from existing(More)
form at the Infectious Diseases Society of America conference, October 2010, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We acknowledge the assistance of NTMir.org in helping to fund this study. The work of K.L.W. was funded by an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality grant (1K08HS017552-01) and a grant from NTMir.org. Kevin L. Winthrop, Cara D. Varley, Jill(More)
Clement J. McDonald, M.D., J. Marc Overhage, M.D., Ph.D., Paul R. Dexter, M.D. William M. Tierney, M.D., Jeffrey G. Suico, M.D., Alex Aisen, M.D., Atif Zafar, M.D., Gunther Schadow, M.D., Lonnie Blevins, Jill Warvel, Jeff Warvel, Jim Meeks-Johnson, Larry Lemmon, Tull Glazener, Anne Belsito, Don Lindbergh, Bruce Williams, Pat Cassidy, Diane Xu, Mark Tucker,(More)