Pat Cartwright

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Lichen planus is a relatively common inflammatory dermatosis with characteristic lesions affecting the skin, nails and mucous membranes. Nail changes are present in approximately 10% of patients and can occasionally occur in the absence of skin involvement. The association of lichen planus with primary biliary cirrhosis is now well recognized. We report the(More)
Beginning in 1983, a sharp increase was noted in the number of new admissions for cocaine abuse to the only psychiatric hospital and to the primary outpatient psychiatric clinic in the Bahamas. For the two facilities combined, new admissions for cocaine abuse increased from none in 1982 to 69 in 1983 and to 523 in 1984. Although there was some evidence for(More)
Peri-natal loss is as profound as any other bereavement [Chambers, H.M., Chan, F.J., 2000. Support for women/families after peri-natal death. (Cochrane Review). Issue 1. The Cochrane Library, Oxford, Update Software], is commonplace, and its traumatic potential has long been overlooked by clinicians and researchers [Spechard, 1997. Traumatic death in(More)
A patient with sarcoidosis who presented with a granulomatous tattoo reaction is described. Although tattoo granulomata usually represent a local hypersensitivity reaction to tattoo pigments, they can be a manifestation of systemic sarcoidosis. In this case the lesions were confined to the red areas of tattoos suggesting that tattoo sarcoid may be more than(More)
Phospholipase A2 activity is raised in non-lesional psoriatic epidermis compared with normal epidermis. It has been shown that the activity of this enzyme is controlled by an inhibitory protein the inhibitory effect of which is increased by dephosphorylation. Treatment of epidermal extracts with alkaline phosphatase reduced the phospholipase A2 activity,(More)
Twenty-three patients with severe longstanding discoid lupus erythematosus, unresponsive to conventional treatments, were treated with oral gold in a multicentre open study. Nineteen patients showed clinical improvement and in four of these there was complete resolution of lesions. Adverse reactions were generally mild and self limiting.
A double-blind trial was performed on 30 patients with bilateral symmetrical constitutional hand eczema, resistant to previous treatment. There was no difference in efficacy between Grenz rays in a total dose of 900 rad (9 Gy) given in three equal doses at 21-day intervals, and placebo therapy given in a similar treatment schedule.