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Haemoglobin mass (Hb mass), maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), simulated 4000 m individual pursuit cycling performance (IP4000), and haematological markers of red blood cell (RBC) turnover were measured in 8 male cyclists before and after (A) 31 d of altitude training at 2690 m. The dependent variables were measured serially after altitude on d A3-4, A8-9(More)
PURPOSE The authors report their experience with doxycycline sclerotherapy as primary treatment of head and neck lymphatic malformations (LMs) in children. METHODS A retrospective chart review was used to collect data on 11 patients treated with doxycycline sclerotherapy for LMs of the head and neck at our institution since 2003. Radiographic imaging(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the potential influence of radiotherapy quality on survival in high-risk pediatric medulloblastoma patients. METHODS AND MATERIALS Trial 9031 of the Pediatric Oncology Group (POG) aimed to study the relative benefit of cisplatin and etoposide randomization of high-risk patients with medulloblastoma to preradiotherapy vs.(More)
B5 fixation achieves superior morphologic detail. However, environmental concerns have led to labor-intensive and costly requirements for disposal of mercury-containing fixatives. We performed a blinded prospective study to find a safe, mercury-free alternative to B5. Morphology was evaluated with 6 fixatives, including B5, in a blinded fashion. Acetic(More)
Preliminary investigation suggests that some asthmatic patients find it difficult to synchronize the release of a metered dose from a pressurized aerosol with the correct phase of inspiration. An automatic device has been developed to overcome this problem. Information is presented outlining the physical characteristics of the unit and the methods used to(More)
Lateral meningoceles were first described by Lehman et al. [(1977); J Pediatr 90: 49-54] in a patient with other skeletal findings and distinctive craniofacial features. Subsequently, six more patients with the so-called lateral meningocele syndrome (LMS) have been reported. We describe the findings in three new cases and expand the phenotype. The existence(More)
OBJECTIVE To apply computer image analysis as a quantitative method for analyzing interphase nucleolar organizer regions (NORs) to determine whether this proliferative marker provides useful prognostic information in glottic squamous cell carcinoma. DESIGN Retrospective testing of biopsy samples and resected tissue. SETTING Nova Scotia Regional Cancer(More)
Since man has been curious and concerned about anything probably he has been curious and concerned about man. It seems logical that man's ability to speculate, question and reason would be turned toward the understanding of himself and others. It further seems logical that since modern man is a creature of work, man has sought to understand the aspect of(More)
A 78-year-old woman with known chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) was admitted to a psychiatric unit because of rapidly declining cognitive function. Clinical examination also revealed cerebellar signs and she later became akinetic and mute. She deteriorated and died of bronchopneumonia. The histology from the post-mortem confirmed the presence of CLL in(More)
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