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* We would like to thank Grahame Dowling and participants at numerous conferences and seminars for comments on earlier versions of this paper. Amnesty International in the conduct of this work does not constitute either support for or views against the findings. ABSTRACT The present paper utilizes a random utility theoretic experimental design to provide(More)
There is tremendous confusion among practitioners regarding the relationship between various potential online revenue streams and the performance of a firm's online efforts. Such questions are of particular interest to firms that provide information goods, due both to the unique characteristics of such goods and the fact that such products are increasingly(More)
* The Discovery Grant Program of the Australian Research Council provided the financial support for this research. We wish to thank numerous participants at universities and conferences who have commented on aspects of this research and Sawtooth Software who generously provided us with access to the experimental software. We also wish to thank Michal Ulrych(More)
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