Pat A. Meyers

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To evaluate standardized lung recruitment strategy during both high frequency oscillation (HFO) and volume-targeted conventional ventilation (CV+V) in spontaneously breathing piglets with surfactant washout on pathophysiologic and inflammatory responses. Prospective animal study. Research laboratory. Twenty-four newborn piglets. We compared pressure support(More)
OBJECTIVE: To compare the physiologic and pathologic effects of conventional ventilation (CV) and high-frequency ventilation (HFV) during partial liquid ventilation (PLV) with perflubron after surfactant treatment with the results of HFV plus surfactant in an animal lung-injury model created by saline lavage. We also studied the dose effects of perflubron(More)
The presence of la-like antigens on human CFU-c and BFU-e is confirmed and a cell type that lacked immediate capacity for granulocytic colony formation but generated CFU-c after brief incubation in simple suspension culture is identified. This pre-CFU-c. and its immediate progeny, was extremely sensitive to killing by anti-la serum with complement. In(More)