Pasupulati Anil Kumar

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The chaperone-like activity of α-crystallin is considered to play an important role in the maintenance of the transparency of the eye lens. However, in the case of aging and in diabetes, the chaperone function of α-crystallin is compromized, resulting in cataract formation. Several post-translational modifications, including non-enzymatic glycation, have(More)
BACKGROUND This study was undertaken to compare the retention between sectional border molding using low fusing greenstick compound and single step border molding using condensation silicone (putty) impression material in three stages- A. Immediately following border molding, B. After final impression and C. With the finished permanent denture base. (More)
INDIAN PEDIATRICS 1172 VOLUME 41NOVEMBER 17, 2004 A 1-year-ten-month-old girl, first issue of a non-consanguineous marriage was referred to us for further care. The child was born full term, with birth weight of 3.5 kg. She was noticed to have polyuria, polydipsia, photophobia and failure to thrive from 6 months of age. On evaluation, she was detected to(More)
Cataract, loss of eye lens transparency, is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. alpha-Crystallin, initially known as one of the major structural proteins of the eye lens, is composed of two homologous subunits alphaA- and alphaB-crystallins. It is convincingly established now that alpha-crystallin functions like a chaperone and plays a decisive role(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES This study aimed to evaluate the effects of at-home and in-office bleaching on the shear bond strength (SBS) of metal, ceramic, and composite orthodontic brackets and to compare their SBSs. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A total of 96 human lower premolar teeth were used for this study. Six teeth were used for scanning electron microscopic study(More)
alpha-Crystallin, a molecular chaperone of the eye lens, plays an important role in maintaining the transparency of the lens by preventing the aggregation/inactivation of several proteins and enzymes in addition to its structural role. alpha-Crystallin is a long-lived protein and is susceptible to several posttranslational modifications during aging, more(More)
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