Pasu Kaewplung

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This is the first report showing the simultaneous bandwidth-shift-free phase conjugation with Q factor larger than 7, of 15×10 Gb/s WDM signal on 11.15-nm bandwidth located from 1539.77 to 1550.92 nm, using the optimal designed Sagnac based optical phase conjugator constructed by the 120-m-long highly-nonlinear photonic crystal fiber.
This paper mathematically analyzes the phase distortion of optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (O-OFDM) signal due to fiber dispersion and Kerr effect. The results verified by the computer simulation using OptiSys 5.0 software are in a good agreement with the mathematical analysis result.
In this paper, we propose a FTTx system using an active wavelength selective switch (WSS) incorporated with a dynamic wavelength and bandwidth allocation (DWBA) in order to improve the efficiency in bandwidth consumption of the FTTx based on wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network (WDM-PON). Under the control by DWBA, appropriate numbers of(More)
The first wavelength-shift-free phase-conjugated WDM transmission is numerically demonstrated by the transmission of 15×10 Gbps WDM signal on 1539.77–1550.92 nm over 900 km with Q factor larger than 7 using 2 bandwidth-shift-free Sagnac-based optical phase conjugators constructed by 120-m-long highly-nonlinear photonic crystal fiber (HNL-PCF).
This paper is divided in two main parts. The first part is the computer simulation results based on the 40-Gbps DQPSK signal transmission. We study the effect of Kerr effect when the system is compensated other distortion. Moreover, we show the suitable powers of signal that yield the balance between the increase in signal-to-noise ratio and distortion of(More)