Pastor C. Lindner

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The plasma motilin levels were studied in seven patients with severe long-standing idiopathic constipation before and after a fat-rich test meal. The results were compared with those of a control group consisting of 10 apparently healthy persons with normal bowel function. The constipated patients had reduced basal motilin levels and a reduced motilin(More)
The present investigation was performed in order to study the degree of reversibility of changes of the rat detrusor secondary to infravesical outflow obstruction for various periods of time. In a previous study it was shown that outflow obstruction induced both hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the smooth muscle cells. This was determined by means of(More)
A partial urethral obstruction was induced in female rats. After 6 weeks, detrusor weight had increased eightfold and collagen concentration had decreased to about 40% compared to controls. Due to the weight gain, the total amount of detrusor collagen had increased more than threefold. Removal of the obstruction led to a rapid decrease in detrusor weight to(More)
The clinical efficacy of propranolol and metoprolol slow-release tablets (Durules) was compared in 20 patients with typical angina pectoris and concomitant hypertension. During a four-week run-in period all patients were given 80 mg propranolol b.i.d. in a single-blind fashion. Thereafter they were randomised in a double-blind fashion to treatment with(More)
1. After 1-hour-tourniquet of the arteria mesenterical superior of the rat the result is a loss of intravasal fluid into the small intestine. After 2-hour-tourniquet the loss of fluid into the samll intestine can be higher than the volume of plasma circulating at the start of the experiment. During therapy with plasma substitute on base of gelatine(More)
In ams-shock of rats the weight of the small bowel contents of an animal 310 g of weight increases from 2.5 g to 13.0 g. The fluid loss into the bowel lumen amounts to 10.5 g and exceeds the plasma volume of 9.6 g. Drainage into the large bowel is not taken into consideration. After treatment of the ams-shock with gelatine infusion the weight of the small(More)
No. 83, Anm. Ueber Asgur planes Rchw. vgl. Orn. Mber. 1922 p. 109. No. 96 und 98. Eine Unterscheidung zweier Formenkreise, Astur ,,torquatus" und A. fasciatus, 15fst sich nicht durchftihren, hlle diese Formen gehSren zusammen und sind unter den Speziesnamen A. fasciatus zu stellen, b~o. 96C, ,,Astur torquatus buruensis (Stres.)", ist eine verkleinerte Copie(More)
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