Passakon Prathombutr

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This paper studies a traffic grooming in wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) mesh networks for the SONET/SDH streams requested between node pairs. The traffic could be groomed at the access node before converting to an optical signal carried in the All-Optical network. We design a virtual topology with a given physical topology to satisfy multiple(More)
Estimating the degree of traffic congestion at run time is crucially important for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) especially when selecting travel routes. One of the challenges when using a mobile sensor (e.g. mobile phone, GPS) as source of traffic data stems from its mobility. This paper proposes a novel approach to fusing mobile data and an(More)
This paper studies a series of reconfiguration processes corresponding to a series of traffic demand changes in WDM optical networks. This study describes the reconfiguration problem from two perspectives. First, the reconfiguration problem is a multi-optimization problem such that a single-objective optimization method could not be applied. Second, the(More)
Restoration techniques available in the literature have not addressed their performance in terms of significant, multiple objective goals. Some of these methods have shown good performance for a single objective function. However, restoration must consider a number of objective functions. We evaluate existing models and their performance in an attempt to(More)
When a traffic demand is changed, a virtual topology could be reconfigured to serve that traffic and to retain high performance. We purpose a reconfiguration model that minimizes costly changes in a virtual topology and maximizes network performance for a series of reconfigurations in the long term. The model includes the reconfiguration process and the(More)
Traffic congestion is the cause of pollution and economic loss. The Real time traffic state report can alleviate this problem by assisting drivers for route planning and choosing unblocked roads. More traffic information could lead to more accurate route planning and greater awareness of traffic situations and road conditions for drivers. However,(More)