Pasquale Rocco

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In this prospective, multicenter trial, 140 cirrhotic patients with no previous upper gastrointestinal bleeding and with esophageal varices endoscopically judged to be at high risk of hemorrhage were randomized to receive either sclerotherapy or conservative treatment for the prevention of first variceal bleeding. The end-points of the study were bleeding(More)
Calprotectin (Cal) concentration is elevated in acute inflammatory reactions and its increase in the plasma suggests a diagnostic potential for Cal assay. This study aimed (a) to evaluate the Cal plasma levels in patients suffering from acute pancreatitis (AP) and (b) to assess whether early assay of Cal plasma levels can be helpful in assessment of the(More)
Left-arm thermography and adipose-tissue biopsy of triceps skinfold have been performed in seven patients with obesity of early onset (EO), seven with maturity-onset obesity (MO) and seven non-obese control subjects (C). Obese patients were within the same range for age, physical activity, excess body-fat content and skinfold thickness; mean fat-cell(More)
Male 29 years, treated surgically for a traumatic fracture of L2, was referred to us about a year after for the onset of worsening paraparesis, anesthesia in his left arm and trunk, urgent incontinence, hyperhydrosis. An MRI of the spinal cord showed the presence of a holocord syrinx, extending to the filum terminale. The patient underwent surgery via L2(More)
To clarify whether monoethylglycinexylidide (MEGX) production can be useful in predicting the severity of chronic liver disease, 51 subjects were enrolled in this study: 13 mild-moderate CAH (group A), 9 severe CAH (group B), 29 cirrhosis, 18 compensated and 11 decompensated disease (group C). The patients were injected with a 1 mg/Kg lidocaine bolus i.v.(More)
To evaluate the role played by the immune system in the outcome of chronic C virus infection, we studied the peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets in patients with chronic hepatitis C and the correlation with the hepatic function assessed by the lidocaine test. To this end the peripheral lymphocyte subpopulations were enumerated by flow cytometry in 36(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The long-term response to alpha-Interferon in HCV-related chronic liver diseases is disappointing. A randomized controlled trial was conducted to investigate: 1) if doubling the standard regimen of 3 MU recombinant alpha 2b-interferon thrice weekly for one year could improve the long-term response, and 2) the efficacy of these two schedules(More)
Thirteen patients with Raynaud's phenomenon were studied; six patients had the primary disorder and in the other seven progressive systemic sclerosis was diagnosed. Each patient received 10 mg of nifedipine; telethermographic evaluation of the hands was performed in basal conditions and 30 minutes after the administration of the drug. A more marked increase(More)
For repair of radical mastectomy defects the surgical approach with the latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap is presented. The application of this flap and complication are described. In addition 2 cases are presented illustrating a personal modification of the technics.
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