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The objective of this study was to evaluate hearing impairment in patients affected by Parkinson's disease compared with hearing scores observed in normal age- and sex-matched controls. One hundred eighteen consecutive patients with a clinical diagnosis of Parkinson's disease were screened. Severity of motor symptoms and staging were measured with the(More)
Processing of vestibular information at the cortical and subcortical level is essential for head and body orientation in space and self-motion perception, but little is known about the neural dynamics of the brain regions of the vestibular system involved in this task. Neuroimaging studies using both galvanic and caloric stimulation have shown that several(More)
In this work we describe the experimental protocol set up to obtain very good results in speech performance and in time course, with a subject presenting profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss with low-frequencies preservation. We used a bimodal stimulation with a like-hybrid modality. Auditory functions have been analyzed by standard tonal and(More)
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