Pasquale Monti

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This paper illustrates the approach of Energy Life, a pervasive household sensoring and feedbacking system aimed at improving the energy conservation practices of the inhabitants. The concept of EnergyLife takes into account state-of-the-art knowledge of what makes a feedback intervention effective, which – at this stage of its development – can be(More)
This paper investigates the benefits of dynamic restoration with service relocation in resilient optical clouds. Results from the proposed optimization model show that service availability can be significantly improved by allowing a few service relocations. 1. Introduction Grid and Cloud services leveraging on high speed optical transport networks (e.g.,(More)
We demonstrate the importance of considering physical impairments in waveband-based optical networks. We propose and evaluate an Impairment-Aware waveband-routing and waveband-assignment (IA-RWBA) algorithm achieving significant improvement in both impairment satisfaction rate and total network cost.
Spread spectrum (SS) solutions offer well understood advantages to wireless networking, e.g., robustness to noise and interference, concurrent asynchronous transmissions, effective power and transmission rate control mechanisms. One of the authors' recent advances in this field makes it possible to take SS solutions to the next performance level, i.e.,(More)
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