Pasquale Mignogna

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect on muscular strength after a 3-week training with the bench-press at a fixed pushing of 80-100% maximal speed (FPS) and self-selected pushing speed (SPS). 20 resistance-trained subjects were divided at random in 2 groups differing only regarding the pushing speed: in the FPS group (n=10) it was equal(More)
The relationship between genes and behavior, and particularly the hyperactive behavior, is clearly not linear nor monotonic. To address this problem, a database of the locomotor behavior obtained from thousands of mutant mice has been previously retrieved from the literature. Data showed that the percent of genes in the genome related to locomotor(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the effects of different types of exercise on cognition. Eighty participants, 32 males and 48 females, aged 66.96 ± 11.73, volunteered for this study. The participants were randomly divided into the four following groups: Resistance Group (RG; n=20), involved in high intensity strength training; Cardiovascular Group (CVG; n=20),(More)
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