Pasquale Gregorio

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The functional significance of genetic polymorphisms on tobacco smoke-induced CYP1A2 activity was examined. The influence of three polymorphisms of the cytochrome P450 1A2 gene (CYP1A2) (-3860 G-->A (allele *1C), -2467 T-->delT (allele *1D), -163C-->A (allele *1F)), located in the 5'-noncoding promoter region of the gene, on CYP1A2 activity (measured as(More)
The aim of the study is to determine awareness about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and their prevention in people aged 14-19 of Ferrara and province. The study was carried out using a self-administered standardised anonymous questionnaire in a sample of students attending to three upper secondary schools. Total number of collected questionnaires was(More)
The historical report on the cholera epidemic of 1855, conserved in Ferrara City's archives allowed us to verify the probable relation between the environment and epidemic in a broad sense, using log-linear analysis and multiple logistic regression. Two thousand and thirty-three cases were analyzed and the quantitative/qualitative variables available from(More)
In this work the phenotyping approach was used to study the influence of metabolic polymorphisms NAT2 and CYP1A2 on S9-mediated urinary mutagenicity, detected with Salmonella strain YG1024, in 50 subjects after a meal of pan-fried hamburgers. All 50 post-meal samples, but not pre-meal ones, were clearly mutagenic (number of urine samples able to double(More)
We investigated the polymorphic enzymes cytochrome P450 1A2 (CYP1A2), N-acetyltransferase (NAT2), glutathione S-transferase (GST) M1 (GSTM1), and T1 (GSTT1) in relation to cigarette smoking-associated urinary mutagenicity detected on YG1024 Salmonella typhimurium strain with S9 mix in 97 smokers. In each subject, cigarette smoke intake was checked by(More)
We examined the urinary mutagenicity in the YG1024 Salmonella typhimurium strain in the presence of S9 mix, of 31 male non-smoking coke oven workers and an equal number of controls matched for gender and dietary habits. Occupational PAH exposure to the workers was assessed by means of the individual urinary post-shift excretion of 1-pyrenol (mean +/- S.D.:(More)
We conducted a study to acquire information on the current behavior of a sample of Italian surgeons and anesthesiologists about prescribing, interpreting, and using routine preoperative investigations. Consultants in surgery and anesthesiology in 60 hospitals in northern, central, and southern Italy were interviewed. Prescription of these procedures by(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS One of the best-known performance planning and evaluation techniques utilising both monetary and non-monetary data is the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). This is a means of rationalising the global activity of a business in the attempt to create value, and to translate the company vision into a set of tactical objectives and measurable(More)
BACKGROUND In today's dynamic health-care system, organizations such as hospitals are required to improve their performance for multiple stakeholders and deliver an integrated care that means to work effectively, be innovative and organize efficiently. Achieved goals and levels of quality can be successfully measured by a multidimensional approach like(More)
Mutagenic properties of terpenes (both synthesis and plant derived) have been tested, up to now, as a single molecule. A terpenes containing hydro-alcoholic solution deriving from frankincense and myrrh resins and hyssop essential oil was assayed for mutagenicity by means of ames test. Extraction technique conducted with electromagnetic fields at room(More)