Pasquale Corsonello

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A voltage reference circuit operating with all transistors biased in weak inversion, providing a mean reference voltage of 257.5 mV, has been fabricated in 0.18 m CMOS technology. The reference voltage can be approximated by the difference of transistor threshold voltages at room temperature. Accurate subthreshold design allows the circuit to work at room(More)
Multimedia applications have become a dominant computing workload for computer systems as well as for wireless-based devices. Due to their repetitive computing and memory intensive nature, they can take effective advantage from Processor-In-Memory (PIM) technology. In this paper, a new low-power PIM-based 32-bit reconfigurable datapath optimized for(More)
This paper presents a new coarse-grain reconfigurable array optimized for multimedia processing. The system has been designed to provide a dense support for arithmetic operations, wide internal data bandwidth and efficiently distributed memory resources. All these characteristics are combined into a cohesive structure that efficiently supports a block-level(More)