Pasquale Bottalico

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Thus far there is little data available concerning Acanthamoeba associated amoebic keratitis (AK) from Italy. In order to understand the incidence of Acanthamoeba in patients with ocular infections and to characterize the isolates at the molecular level, ocular specimens and contact lenses or lens case solutions from 140 patients were analysed by culture(More)
Investigations into vocal doses and parameters were carried out on 40 primary school teachers (36 females and 4 males) in six schools in Italy, divided into two groups of three, A and B, on the basis of the type of building and the mid-frequency reverberation time in the classrooms, which was 1.13 and 0.79 s, respectively. A total of 73 working-day samples(More)
School teachers have an elevated risk of voice problems due to the vocal demands in the workplace. This manuscript presents the results of three studies investigating teachers' voice use at work. In the first study, 57 teachers were observed for 2 weeks (waking hours) to compare how they used their voice in the school environment and in non-school(More)
This work concerns speech intelligibility tests and measurements in three primary schools in Italy, one of which was conducted before and after an acoustical treatment. Speech intelligibility scores (IS) with different reverberation times (RT) and types of noise were obtained using diagnostic rhyme tests on 983 pupils from grades 2-5 (nominally 7-10 year(More)
Speakers adjust their vocal effort when communicating in different room acoustic and noise conditions and when instructed to speak at different volumes. The present paper reports on the effects of voice style, noise level, and acoustic feedback on vocal effort, evaluated as sound pressure level, and self-reported vocal fatigue, comfort, and control.(More)
OBJECTIVES The relationship between the silence and voicing accumulations of primary school teachers and the teachers' clinical status was examined to determine whether more voicing accumulations and fewer silence accumulations were measured for the vocally unhealthy subjects than for the healthy subjects, which would imply more vocal loading and fewer(More)
Teachers are at a higher risk for occupation-related voice disorders than the general population. The aim of this work is the investigations on the relationships between vocal doses and clinical status, acoustical conditions (noise and reverberation) in the classrooms and subjective evaluations of vocal effort and fatigue. At clinical evaluation 41% of the(More)
OBJECTIVES The aims of the present study are (1) to analyze the effects of the acoustical environment and the voice style on time dose (Dt_p) and fundamental frequency (mean f0 and standard deviation std_f0) while taking into account the effect of short-term vocal fatigue and (2) to predict the self-reported vocal effort from the voice acoustical(More)
Conversational speech produced in noise can be characterised by increases in intelligibility relative to such speech produced in quiet. Listening difficulty (LD) is a metric that can be used to evaluate speech transmission performance more sensitively than intelligibility scores in situations in which performance is likely to be high. The objectives of the(More)
Speakers increase their vocal effort when their communication is disturbed by noise. This adaptation is termed the Lombard effect. The aim of the present study was to determine whether this effect has a starting point. Hence, the effects of noise at levels between 20 and 65 dB(A) on vocal effort (quantified by sound pressure level) and on both perceived(More)