Pasquale Arpaia

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—A remote laboratory for teaching purposes in the field of measuring experiments was activated. Students can access automatic measuring setups and instruments via a geographic network and directly carry out real experiments. This laboratory has been devised on the basis of de-facto networking standards so that students are required to use only a simple(More)
—The influence of the architecture on analog-to-digital converter modeling is investigated for the three most widespread architectures: integrating, successive approximations, and flash. The effects of main error sources are analyzed in terms of integral and differential nonlinearity with the aim of setting up a unified error model. Such a model is useful(More)
The use of the Allan variance for the characterization of the jitter timebase error in waveform digitizers is proposed. With this aim, the Allan variance is shown to be a sound basis for defining and measuring a suitable figure of merit, diagnosing the jitter noise type, and including a jitter error block into a previously proposed digitizer model.(More)