Pasquale Arpaia

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—A remote laboratory for teaching purposes in the field of measuring experiments was activated. Students can access automatic measuring setups and instruments via a geographic network and directly carry out real experiments. This laboratory has been devised on the basis of de-facto networking standards so that students are required to use only a simple(More)
—The influence of the architecture on analog-to-digital converter modeling is investigated for the three most widespread architectures: integrating, successive approximations, and flash. The effects of main error sources are analyzed in terms of integral and differential nonlinearity with the aim of setting up a unified error model. Such a model is useful(More)
– A histogram-based method for quasi-static test of analog-to-digital converters has been proposed for standardization aims. The test exploits the use of small-amplitude triangular waves. Different signal offset values are used to fully stimulate the converter input range. The reduced amplitude and slope of the input triangular wave with respect to the(More)