Pasquale Aragona

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BACKGROUND/AIMS Several studies have reported that sodium hyaluronate is able to improve both symptoms and signs in patients with dry eye but none have demonstrated an improvement of conjunctival epithelial cell abnormalities of the ocular surface. The aim of this study was to explore the effect of sodium hyaluronate-containing eye drops on the ocular(More)
Dry eye disease (DED), a multifactorial disease of the tears and ocular surface, is common and has a significant impact on quality of life. Reduced aqueous tear flow and/or increased evaporation of the aqueous tear phase leads to tear hyperosmolarity, a key step in the vicious circle of DED pathology. Tear hyperosmolarity gives rise to morphological changes(More)
To verify the greater prevalence of circulating thyroid hormone autoantibodies (THAb) in primary Sjogren syndrome (SS) vs Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) and Graves' disease (GD), we measured THAb in the serum of patients with these 3 diseases who were sampled from 1998-1999 (no.=20, 88, 25) and 1990-1992 (no.=13, 75, 31). Patients with rheumatoid arthritis(More)
The pecten oculi is a highly vascular and pigmented organ placed in the vitreous body of the avian eye. As no data are currently available on the morphological organization of the pecten in the Psittaciformes, the pecten oculi of the budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus) was studied. The eyes from adult male budgerigars were examined by light, transmission,(More)
AIM To study the effect of the treatment of dry eye in Sjögren's syndrome patients with hypotonic or isotonic hyaluronate eye drops. METHODS 40 Sjögren's syndrome patients were divided in two groups and treated as follows: group 1 with hypotonic (150 mOsm/l) 0.4% hyaluronate eye drops; group 2 with isotonic 0.4% hyaluronate eye drops. The eye drops were(More)
Dry eye disease (DED) is a distressing ocular condition. Due to its multifactorial nature, clinical and biological signs of DED can be inconsistent and sometimes discordant with symptomatology. Consequently, no gold-standard model for determining DED severity exists. This can impact treatment decisions and complicate evaluation of disease progression,(More)
PURPOSE To study the changes in the corneal epithelium and corneal sensitivity of healthy subjects after the topical administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs; diclofenac, indomethacin, flurbiprofen and ketorolac) frequently used in ocular therapy. METHODS A double-masked parallel clinical study was undertaken on 90 subjects (45 men,(More)
The alterations in the conjunctival epithelium during the course of vernal conjunctivitis were examined by conjunctival impression cytology. The study was carried out on 53 patients with vernal conjunctivitis and 20 normal subjects as control. The results of impression cytology demonstrated that all cytological parameters were significantly modified in(More)
Cataract is a frequent ocular complication in diabetic patients, but few data are available concerning early modifications occurring in the lens of these patients and their relationship with metabolic control and other clinical parameters. We measured lens opacity in 73 type I, insulin-dependent diabetic patients aging 50 years or less and without clinical(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between asthenopia and work with video display terminals (VDT). 62 office workers (29 males and 33 females), that use VDT for more than 20 hours each week, were investigated by means of standardized questionnaires (elaborated by the Italian Society of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene).(More)