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OBJECTIVE The meaning of the implicit weight attitude in individuals of different weight by distinguishing the contribution of positive and negative associations to the overall measure was investigated. DESIGN AND METHODS The implicit weight attitude was assessed using the Implicit Association Test. A Rasch model was used to identify which stimuli most(More)
The article aims to measure implicit sexual attitude in heterosexual, gay and bisexual individuals. A Many-Facet Rasch Measurement analysis was used to disentangle the contribution of specific associations to the overall IAT measure. A preference for heterosexuals relative to homosexuals is observed in heterosexual respondents, driven most by associating(More)
Two studies investigated the different contribution of positive and negative associations to the size of the Implicit Association Test (IAT) effect. A Many-Facet Rasch Measurement analysis was applied for the purpose. Across different IATs (Race and Weight) and different groups of respondents (White, Normal weight, and Obese people) we observed that(More)
BACKGROUND In order to help assess resident performance during training, the Residency Affair Committee of the Pediatric Residency Program of the University of Padua (Italy) administered a Resident Assessment Questionnaire (ReAQ), which both residents and faculty were asked to complete. The aim of this article is to present the ReAQ and its validation. (More)
BACKGROUND The Paediatric Residency Program (PRP) of Padua, Italy, developed a set of questionnaires to assess the quality of the training provided by each faculty member, the quality of the professional experience the residents experienced during the various rotations and the functioning of the Resident Affair Committee (RAC), named respectively: "Tutor(More)
BACKGROUND The traditional approach to the measurement of change presents important drawbacks (no information at individual level, ordinal scores, variance of the measurement instrument across time points), which Rasch models overcome. The article aims to illustrate the features of the measurement of change with Rasch models. METHODS To illustrate the(More)
The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is a computerized two-choice discrimination task in which stimuli have to be categorized as belonging to target categories or attribute categories by pressing, as quickly and accurately as possible, one of two response keys. The discrimination association model has been recently proposed for the analysis of reaction time(More)
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