Pasqua Mercuri

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The Behavioural Assessment of the Dysexecutive Syndrome (BADS) is a neuropsychological battery developed with the intent of measuring a wide range of executive impairments. Although the psychometric characteristics of BADS have previously been investigated in distinct neurological disorders, data on its validity in Parkinson's Disease (PD) without dementia(More)
Neuroimaging research of fluid intelligence (Gf) has mainly focused on the neural basis of abilities explaining performance on cognitive tasks. However, the neuro-functional basis of clearly defined theoretical cognitive components underlying Gf remains unclear. Induction, visualization, and spatial relationships have the highest relevance for Gf (Carroll,(More)
It has been proposed that the well-established relationship between working memory (WM) and fluid intelligence (gf) is mediated by executive mechanisms underlying interference control. The latter relies upon the integrity of a frontoparietal brain network, whose activity is modulated by general cognition. In regards to the chronology of this activation,(More)
An aid service based on the use of helicopters for Northern Lombardy and its adjacent areas is proposed. This would be based on the Varese Hospital and on existing heliports and airports in the area, this being one of Europe's most heavily populated and industrialised regions. The question of airborne aid is discussed, together with the solutions adopted in(More)
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