Pasin Suriyentrakorn

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This paper reports on Language Computer Corporation’s first QA@CLEF participation. For this exercise, we integrated our open-domain PowerAnswer question answering system with our statistical machine translation engine. For 2006, we participated in the English-to-Spanish, French and Portuguese cross-language tasks. We took the approach of intermediate(More)
Complex Language Models cannot be easily integrated in the first pass decoding of a Statistical Machine Translation system – the decoder queries the LM a very large number of times; the search process in the decoding builds the hypotheses incrementally and cannot make use of LMs that analyze the whole sentence. We present in this paper the Language(More)
This paper reports on Language Computer Corporation’s QA@CLEF 2007 preparation, participation and results. For this exercise, LCC integrated its open-domain PowerAnswer Question Answering system with its statistical Machine Translation engine. For 2007, LCC participated in the English-to-French and English-to-Portuguese crosslanguage tasks. The approach is(More)
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