Pasi Pyykonen

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This paper suggests a new schema for applying the IoT (Internet of Things) to intelligent traffic systems. The intelligent traffic system is implemented using road side units (RSU) with friction monitoring, vehicles with environmental sensors and a database for data transfer through different platforms. The system is able to collect sensor data from(More)
This article introduces the objectives and structure of the European research project DESERVE that is co-funded by the ARTEMIS-JU and national funding bodies. The project started in September 2012 with a duration of 3 years. The project aims to establish a new embedded SW and HW design by using a more efficient development process (including the enabling(More)
This study presents the in-vehicle road friction estimation module to provide information for the driver to adapt his/her driving style. Our main aim is to enable support for saving fuel, minimising ecological impact and improving traffic safety. The module is based on the IcOR camera system developed by VTT which has been combined with inertia unit.(More)
This paper suggest a new schema for improving accuracy of estimation of traffic CO<sub>2</sub> emissions. The emission estimation is implemented as a part of novel traffic surveillance system which is movable and uses data fusion of several sensors and databases. The system is able to determine the emissions in real-time based on the traffic flow observed(More)
This paper suggests a new schema for combining functionalities from the Personal ITS station and Vehicle ITS station. In CoMoSeF -project we are simplifying the In Vehicle Domain architecture by fusing the Human-machine interface (HMI), as specified by ETSI, and the Application Unit into one Application Unit unit that is running on the smartphone. In the(More)
This article studies the smoke and exhaust detection system that has been developed for monitoring exhaust gases to enforce environmental laws and regulations. In many highly populated countries the HSU (Hart ridge Smoke Unit) grade is used to impose penalties. In many cases, HSU values over 40 ... 50 are leading to legal actions. This paper proposes a(More)
We report preliminary results on the use of a far infrared emitting quantum cascade laser for active illumination in foggy conditions. The applications would be e.g. in cooperative driving and improvement of visibility for car drivers in adverse road weather conditions. It has long been known that the infrared wavelengths in the thermal band of 9 -(More)
This article focuses on development baseline for a novel LIDAR for future autonomous cars, which require perception not only in clear weather, but also under harsh weather conditions such as fog and rain. Development of automotive laser scanners is bound to the following requirements: maximize sensor performance, assess the performance level and keep the(More)
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