Pasi P. Liimatainen

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Researchers from Nokia propose a Web-based framework that applies a resource-based HTTP style called Representational State Transfer (REST) to enable smart spaces to support pervasive applications in various devices. Mobile devices are evolving into hubs of content and context information. Therefore, our work focuses on pervasive applications in smart(More)
Novel environments based on virtual machines, including Java in particular, liberate the developer from considering memory allocation. While the developer should then in principle disregard details of memory usage, and let the virtual machine master allocations, the environment may force the developer to consider memory-related restrictions when composing(More)
As it known that mobile phones has low end configuration so we need memory optimization and network bandwidth reduction. These are very important factor for mobile developer because storage memory is very limited ranging from 64K to 200K bytes and the heap memory is ranging from 200K to500K bytes. The maximum size of application is fixed so we cannot run(More)
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