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BOOTSTRAP methodology was initially developed in an ESPRIT project together with European industry. After February 1993, the methodology has been managed and further developed by a European Economic Interest Group, called BOOTSTRAP Institute. BOOTSTRAP methodology version 3.0 was released in September 1997. It is compliant with the ISO/IEC software(More)
TAPISTRY is a tutored process improvement approach tailored for small enterprises. The approach was developed, used and validated in an ongoing ESSI Esprit project (No 24238), called “TAPISTRY.” The TAPISTRY project adopted a downscaled assessment model of the BOOTSTRAP assessment methodology, called BootCheck, and developed a workshop-based assessment and(More)
The potential shown by Lean in different domains has aroused interest in the software industry. However, it remains unclear how Lean can be effectively applied in a domain such as software development that is fundamentally different from manufacturing. This study explores how Lean principles are implemented in software development companies and the(More)