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The potential shown by Lean in different domains has aroused interest in the software industry. However, it remains unclear how Lean can be effectively applied in a domain such as software development that is fundamentally different from manufacturing. This study explores how Lean principles are implemented in software development companies and the(More)
It is possible to proceed with software product line adoption only once without major reinvestments and loss of time and money. In the literature, reported experiences of using the adoption models are not to be found, and especially the suitability of the models has not been reported. The purpose of this research is to compare known adoption models by(More)
The main concern of the software industry is to deliver more products in shorter time-cycles to customers with an acceptable economic justification. In virtue of these concerns, the software industry and researchers in the field of software engineering have engaged in the process of adopting lean principles. In this paper, we are seeking the knowledge that(More)
One of the basic assumptions behind most software process improvement methods is that improved processes lead to improved product quality. Despite the popularity of SPI methods, there is a lack of both methods and experience reports on the explicit relationship between software process improvement (SPI) and product improvement. PROFES is a methodology that(More)