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Benzodiazepine- and alcohol-induced ataxias in rodents have been proposed to be affected by the gamma-aminobutyric acid type A (GABAA) receptor alpha 6 subunit, which contributes to receptors specifically expressed in cerebellar granule cells. We have studied an alpha 6 -/- mouse line for motor performance and drug sensitivity. These mice, as a result of a(More)
In this paper we propose how a tree-structured self-organizing map (TS-SOM) can be used to impute incomplete data sets. The methodology has two parts, a new training algorithm utilizing incomplete data, and an imputation strategy that explains how the actual imputation is done. An introduction about evaluation studies of the proposed methodology is given(More)
It is pointed out that from a point of view of parallel processing, neural network models belong to the more general class of communicating sequential processes. Sequential operating neurons communicate through input and output connections with other neurons working in parallel. While such a viewpoint brings nothing novel to the theory of neural models as(More)
Finnish summary Diss. This study focuses on computationally intelligent methods, which are applied to the analysis of survey data in educational research. The methods can be used with complex data sets, which contain several data types. Each data type is analyzed in a separate subanalysis, and the results from these subanalyses can be combined. The(More)