Pasi Koikkalainen

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Technological development and various information services becoming common has had the effect that data from everyday situations is available. Utilizing this technology and the data it produces in an efficient manner is called context-aware or ubiquitous computing. The research includes the specifications of each application, the requirements of the(More)
Training a visual inspection device is not straightforward but suffers from the high variation in material to be inspected. This variation causes major difficulties for a human, and this is directly reflected in classifier training. Many inspection devices utilize rule-based classifiers the building and training of which rely mainly on human expertise.(More)
Finnish summary Diss. This study focuses on computationally intelligent methods, which are applied to the analysis of survey data in educational research. The methods can be used with complex data sets, which contain several data types. Each data type is analyzed in a separate subanalysis, and the results from these subanalyses can be combined. The(More)
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