Pasi Hellsten

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Ethanol and acetate were examined as potential candidates to enhance denitrification at low temperature in soils contaminated by fur farms. Five pilot-scale sand and gravel columns with a top layer of soil from a fur farm were set up and fed with nitrate-containing water (influent concentration of 100 and 200 mg L(-1)) for 459 days at 6+/-2 degrees C. Two(More)
We present here an aquifer scale study on the fate of potassium formate, an alternative, weakly corrosive deicing agent in soil and subsurfaces. Potassium formate was used to deice a stretch of a highway in Finland. The fate of the formate was examined by monitoring the groundwater chemistry in the underlying aquifer of which a conceptual model was(More)
This paper presents results from a lysimeter experiment on the fate of potassium formate, an alternative deicing agent. The experiment was performed through the winter and spring to identify any thermal sensitivity in the transport and biodegradation of formate in the lysimeter. Ninety-eight percent of the total quantity of formate applied was degraded(More)
Real practice-oriented co-learning is built through co-design and co-teaching phases carried out in cooperation between a university, students, and industrial partners. Interaction between universities and students has been studied a great deal, but the role of an industrial partner in co-learning and the cooperation between these three actors has not(More)
The migration of organic de-icers in the shallow aquifers typical in Finland is not well known and we need to find solutions to minimise the negative impacts of de-icing on groundwater quality. The objective of the MIDAS project is to find de-icers which have the least harmful impacts on groundwater quality. Migration of sodium chloride as a tracer and five(More)
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