Pascual Julián

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In this article an approach based on fractional calculus to control a second order linear process with pure integration at the output is presented. The main contribution of this work is the control strategy, which is a variant of the double loop controller where the proportional outer loop controller is replaced by a fractional derivative one, in order to(More)
One of the current problems in software systems development is the increasing complexity of analysing and guaranteeing the reliable behaviour of these systems. This project is oriented towards the development of the methods, tools and techniques necessary for supporting quality software construction, with emphasis on practical application to the industrial(More)
Partial evaluation is a method for program specialization based on fold/unfold transformations [4, 15]. Partial evaluation of functional programs uses only static values of given data to specialize the program. In logic programming, the so-called static/dynamic distinction is hardly present, whereas considerations of determinacy and choice points are far(More)
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